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Providing an education is an expensive endeavor, and the costs of operating Northwest Christian Schools are not fully covered by tuition. Our school board, however, is committed to keeping tuition costs as low as possible. Therefore, we rely on your generosity—both time and financial support for specific projects and fundraisers—to help keep tuition down. Parent involvement over several years can save the school thousands of dollars.

To enable parents to be involved, we have developed the Family Stewardship Program for organizing help, keeping tuition costs down, and building relationships with families. Each family will be expected to fulfill 20 hours of stewardship commitment for each school year. Additional hours of service are, of course, accepted with enthusiasm and greatly appreciated. Details of the program can be found in our parent-student handbooks.

Submitting Family Stewardship Hours

To submit Family Stewardship Hours for the 2022-2023 school year, between May 2022 and June 7, 2023, click on the button, below, which will take you to a Google Form.

Please read the form carefully for directions. Multiple events may be added on one form.

Thank you for serving. Your time and service make a huge impact on our campus!




Northwest Christian Academy Families:
Watch our weekly, monthly, and classroom newsletters for information on more ways to volunteer. Visit the NCA Families Facebook page (private group for NCA families).

Northwest Christian High School Families:
Find volunteer opportunities on our NCHS Families Facebook Page (private group for NCHS families).